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Lambda Curry is a full-service team that collaborates with you and makes it simple to create innovative experiences

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    Experts of the Web

    Work with experts in the field for faster market entry.

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    Quick Iterations

    Iterate and test the viability of projects quickly.

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    Exceptional Quality

    Higher product quality reduces reworks and bugs, increasing customer trust and improved branding.

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    Client Confidence

    Confidence in project success allows clients to take more risks and do more faster with their project.

Personalized Support

Real Support, Real People, Real Growth

Imagine the confidence of launching a product that you know is backed by expert development and rigorous testing.

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    People First

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Streamlined Client Collaboration

  • Research: We uncover marketing and design insights to drive your brand's success.

  • Design: We craft visually stunning and user-centric experiences that captivate and convert. From branding & print to web UI design.

  • Developers: We specialize in creating seamless and engaging e-commerce interfaces.

  • Real Support: We are here to help you maintain peak performance and customer satisfaction at all times.

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Areas of Expertise

We’re Experts with All the Latest Tech

At Lambda Curry, we're at the forefront of tech, mastering the latest tools to deliver innovative solutions. From machine learning to agile methodologies, we ensure our clients stay ahead with our expertise in common developer tools.

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Complete E-commerce Solutions with MedusaJS

See how we use the Medusa framework to build your success.

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Not only did Lambda Curry get us back on track with Medusa's setup, they also assisted with infrastructure, features, code reviews, roadmaps, design, leadership, resourcing, and more. Looking back, our relationship with Lambda Curry was one of the best things that could have happened to UPLABS.

Adam Lane

Adam Lane

Founding Engineer @ UPLABS


Case Studies

Real World Success Stories

From initial consultation to final delivery, we follow a collaborative and transparent process. We work closely with you to understand your goals, iterate quickly, and adapt to any changes, ensuring that the final product exceeds your expectations.

markethaus project highlight
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Achieving E-Commerce Excellence: MarketHaus Custom Page-Builder and Commerce Platform Success

nibll project highlight
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Revolutionizing Home Dining: Lambda Curry's Custom Order System for NIBLL's Seamless Meal Delivery

foraged project highlight
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Crafting Culinary Adventures: Designing Foraged's Online Marketplace for Exotic Ingredients and Wild Recipes

the conversion cloud project highlight

Optimizing Insights with The Conversion Cloud's New Traffic and Engagement Dashboard

wattzero project highlight

Maximizing Energy Efficiency and Minimizing Costs with WattZero's Colorful Web Design

budgets project highlight

Streamlining Finances: Building the Budget App and Dashboards

capitol city church project highlight

Fostering Community and Funding: Lambda Curry’s Website Design for Capitol City Church

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